Refund & Cancellation policy

  • An amount of 10% of the determined value of the sale of all residential units, i.e., INR 52,500/-, should be paid by the applicant along with the application form. This amount can be paid through the online payment gateway or by depositing it via NEFT/RTGS and uploading the receipt online along with the application.
  • If any false/forged documents are found after the examination in the future, the application will be canceled, and appropriate legal action will be taken against the applicant as per the rules.
  • The right to accept or reject the application will remain with the municipal corporation.
  • In case of any dispute, the jurisdiction of the dispute will be within the limits of the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation.
  • In case of any litigation or dispute, the decision of the Commissioner, Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, will be final and binding.
After deducting 10% of the paid amount, the remaining balance will be refunded to your account. For this, you need to submit an application form of the prescribed format to the JMC office.